Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November

This year has gone by so fast  for me! I have not done very much but that is about to change. Maybe this nice weather is helping some. I actually feel like going in the sewing room, its been a long time coming. My big question of the day is what happens to us and makes us go in to a slump?? I sure don't like it,

My sweet family is wonderful . Mary Lisa and her hubby are doing great. Brian just retired from the Fire Dept.  with 29 years. But he is going back to work for the Maritime Academy, even while he was with the Fire service he taught for them for 15 years, so he will be right at home. Sweet granddaughter Faith has changed her major at college to Elementary Education, and she loves it and that sure makes us all happy. She and her young man, Harley are doing just fine, he is in the Army and right now he is in Va. until Feb. then off to another duty station, not sure where yet. He will be home for Christmas and that thrills her heart. My other daughter Lorie and her sweet man are great, they really travel a lot and also include me in plans when they are home, in fact I will be spending Thanksgiving with them this year, And yes my son Claude is doing wonderful too. He has been very involved in the honoring of John Chapman and he was thrilled to be a part of this as he and John were not only teammates but they were also station in Japan together, Combat Control is a very tight unit. As you all know he is the commander of the Combat Control group at Hurlburt  Field in the Panhandle of Fl. The Hurricane wreck that area sew bad . His base was saved but the other base was destroyed.

I have several UFO's and I am going to start working on them before I try anything else. I had both my eyes done as the cataracts were getting much worse. I will have my final exam the end of this  month and see what kind of correction I will need. It is really strange to be able to drive without glasses, I have worn them since about age 7or 8 and I still reach for them. But I am loving the new sunglasses.

Before I close I want to wish you all the blessings of Above  from my home to yours. Sending much love and big hugs to all.


I really do enjoy reading your blogs and  I will try to do better in responding!!!


Deb said...

Hello lovely lady, so nice to hear from you and how you are. I have heard others say how much they find the change their eye surgeries make to them amazing and strange to get used too.
It is lovely to hear about your gorgeous family also, they all sound like they are doing well and its wonderful hearing how proud of them you are.
Much love always xx

Rhonda said...

Hi Marie. It's good to hear from you. I don't know what happens to us who lose the old mojo for a time but it's great when it returns. I look forward to seeing some of your UFO projects!

Barb said...

This year truly has flown by. Glad to hear your family is doing good.

I can't help you with the slumps, I have them quite often myself but have fun in the sewing room while the mood strikes.

Jackie said...

I'm in a sewing slump too. I think about it but don't put anything into action. I'm hoping that will change one day. I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to!

Karen said...

I am so glad to read a post from you. Maybe the New Year will bring you lots of inspiration and the get up and go to get into your sewing room and create.