Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

I wish for all my sweet friends and family many blessings for this year. I sure hope to get more work completed in the Sewing Studio. I completed a really neat fall quilt and have tried to post pictures  but can't get them to download, will have to wait till my sweet son-in-law is here. Things have been moving right along here at my home, had the new fence installed , sprinklers put in, popcorn ceiling taken down and ceilings are beautifully completed. Our weather has been very warm, I am not complaining since I saw the weather up North. Hope every one had the best Christmas and all will be good for them. On a nice note, I have been seeing an old friend of ours for a few months and we have really enjoyed each others company. My daughter has invited us to go on a Valentine Cruise with them and we are going to do just that! I am excited, I know in my heart that Ray would not want me to sit home and be sad, it is something we had talked about a lot and my kids are happy for me so we will see how this part of my life pans out. And the greatest thing is he has learned to sew and has already made his first quilt .Until  next time many hugs to all. Marie


Val said...

A man that sews is surely a keeper! I wish you many blessings. And thank you for making me feel welcomed in my blog after being away for so long!

Jackie said...

Happy New Year! It sounds like you've been busy in your home. We need to get busy on our "to do" list here too. Greg and I were commenting how warm it's been here this winter. We have not yet even turned on our heat on yet!

I'm so glad to read you have a gentleman caller! One who sews! Watch your stash girl!!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Marie! I've been wondering where you were! It's warm then cold here in Texas just about every! I'm so happy you've found a great guy & he is interested in this crazy world of quilting!! Good for you. Enjoy your cruise my friend!!!

Connie the Cootiebug said...

Hi Marie -- I enjoyed reading your post. I'm a bit behind the times but read when I can. :)

Val said...

Marie, You will never know what your sweet comments meant to me as we go through this journey we are traveling right now with our granddaughter. Please keep us in your prayers. It means something when someone like you leaves sweet comments like you did. Thank you.

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