Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Real Happiness

Good Morning sweet friends, have missed chatting but have been reading your blogs. We have had some sickness in my family and it is pretty serious, my Father in love from my first marriage has had a very serious stroke, and I ask for prayers, he is in his 90's but has such a strong love for his family and he is fighting for them each day. I am so lucky that I still have the love of that wonderful family.

Now to my new happiness-----drum roll please---yesterday I purchased a Gammill Classic Plus long arm quilt machine!!!!Have I lost my mind, well yes, I still am living the thoughts of 20 some years ago, can I still do this, well yes I think I can, and I will!!! I have always dreamed of owning such a machine with bells and whistles but the one I had before was a Singer that had been converted into a short arm and when that hit the dust we got a Juki and used it till it was no longer serviceable. so here I go again. I tried it out and fell instantly in love! The only BIG problem is the loading is so different but a few tries and I will get it (I hope).

I went to Va. to see one of my granddaughters graduate and got to spend some time with my son . It was a  happy time for us. Katie will be leaving for Auburn to go to school and her brother is in school there and I believe he graduates in December. And here in my home town my sweet Faith will begin her Sr. year in High School, we are all so excited for her to see what the next chapter will be. The rest of the sweet Grands  in Ohio are doing wonderful,I am a lucky Granny!!!

I must get off this computer and do a few chores and then off to my Happy Place and work on a quilt. Enjoy your day and many blessings to you.

Hugs, Marie