Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Week-End

Today I celebrate the loves of my life giving so much to their country. I am so proud  of my sweet Ray, my son Claude, my brothers Jim and  Darious, and my granddaughter Meredith, you all are so precious to me.My son will be leaving Wy. the end of July for his new assignment and he will be back in Washington,DC, and boy is the mama happy because it is so much closer than Wy.I have enjoyed my time in the studio working on the Auburn quilt and doing up some tea towels. I have this crazy idea that I can do a show again--now where did that come from??? We are having such beautiful weather, the sunshine is so nice. Till next time,have a great day. Hugs, Marie

P.S. This is my wonderful son!


Cuz said...

Great picture of C Jr! I can definitely tell he's your son, handsome devil that he is! Glad to hear he's coming back east--remember we're not far from the DC area! We're in the last panic-y stages of getting ready for our Great Adventure in Costa Rica--we leave June 7. So hang in there, and keep on keeping on!

Love you,

Karen said...

Such a handsome son in his uniform.

Rhonda said...

What a great tribute!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Marie! I hope your 4th of July is going well. I've had a very busy holiday & will be glad to get back to normal. Take care mt friend!!

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