Wednesday, February 3, 2016


They told me to be sure I wait one year before I make any changes in my life, wow so true but then when you try to make even the smallest ones it is difficult. I treasure my precious children, I don't know how I would do everything without them or at least running things by them. It makes me feel good to chat with them. I am cutting more pieces on my Auburn quilt for my sweet Alex, sure hope I can get it complete  before he graduates. I believe I heard his sister is going to go to the  same University next year. The time is flying by, my precious Faith Elizabeth will graduate next year, I will be lost if she moves away, she is Granny's right hand. I love reading all the blogs even if I don't respond right away. Many blessings to all.


Karen said...

Hello, Marie!

Deb said...

hello my gorgeous friend. I cannot believe how quickly that year has passed. Far too quickly, it's true that life does carry on. I think you have done amazingly well within that year, Ray would be so very proud of you. Your are so lucky to have such precious family surrounding you. I honestly don't think there is a time you can put on anything when you loose someone so close to you, it is a never ending journey until you meet up again.
love you dearly, your friend at the bottom of the world. xx

Cuz said...

Hang in there, Lady. You've done well. I, too, am so glad you have family close by, and wish I were closer. In fact, this cold weather has made me wish I were closer! I'm tired of winter already. At least it's nice and cozy in my sewing room. I've gotten behind on some projects and need to spend some time catching up.

Have a beautiful day,