Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beautiful Day

The sun is shinning and no rain in sight. I have been at the sewing machine again and it feels so right!Hope  all my sweet friends are doing well too. Not much to report here. Oh yes I have been trying to respond to some of my friends who have word press and I can not get it to go through, yes I have signed up and password stuff and still to no avail. Has anyone else had that problem? Well I need to get busy but wanted you all to know I think about you and read your blogs and love to hear of what your up to. Have a beautiful day and your in thought. Hugs, Marie


Deb said...

Fabulous news to hear you are at the sewing machine again Marie and it is feeling good.
Enjoy it.

Karen said...

I am sure you are creating something wonderful!

Cuz said...

So glad you're getting back into creative mode! Wish I could, too. We had a friend from Allentown visiting this week, and he left today, so I'm hoping to get up to my sewing room soon. However, the first thing on my sewing agenda will have to be a new robe for DH. Not particularly creative, but he sure needs it--his old one is in tatters. And he picked out a gorgeous teal velour fabric, so that will be fun to work with. Take care of yourself!

Think of you often!

Anne Heidi said...

Hi Marie, sewing is just what I intend to do later today as well. It has been snowing here for a couple of days now, so I just want to go for a long walk first. It is just beautiful outside with all the new snow, it makes everything so bright and clean :-)
Take care!
Hugs from Norway

Val said...

Oh I want to sew so bad!!! Theres always something to do!

Ulla said...

Enjoy the beautiful weather. The sun will cheer you up and give you positive energy just like the longer days up here are doing for me.