Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beautiful Day

The sun is shinning and no rain in sight. I have been at the sewing machine again and it feels so right!Hope  all my sweet friends are doing well too. Not much to report here. Oh yes I have been trying to respond to some of my friends who have word press and I can not get it to go through, yes I have signed up and password stuff and still to no avail. Has anyone else had that problem? Well I need to get busy but wanted you all to know I think about you and read your blogs and love to hear of what your up to. Have a beautiful day and your in thought. Hugs, Marie

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


They told me to be sure I wait one year before I make any changes in my life, wow so true but then when you try to make even the smallest ones it is difficult. I treasure my precious children, I don't know how I would do everything without them or at least running things by them. It makes me feel good to chat with them. I am cutting more pieces on my Auburn quilt for my sweet Alex, sure hope I can get it complete  before he graduates. I believe I heard his sister is going to go to the  same University next year. The time is flying by, my precious Faith Elizabeth will graduate next year, I will be lost if she moves away, she is Granny's right hand. I love reading all the blogs even if I don't respond right away. Many blessings to all.