Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Real Happiness

Good Morning sweet friends, have missed chatting but have been reading your blogs. We have had some sickness in my family and it is pretty serious, my Father in love from my first marriage has had a very serious stroke, and I ask for prayers, he is in his 90's but has such a strong love for his family and he is fighting for them each day. I am so lucky that I still have the love of that wonderful family.

Now to my new happiness-----drum roll please---yesterday I purchased a Gammill Classic Plus long arm quilt machine!!!!Have I lost my mind, well yes, I still am living the thoughts of 20 some years ago, can I still do this, well yes I think I can, and I will!!! I have always dreamed of owning such a machine with bells and whistles but the one I had before was a Singer that had been converted into a short arm and when that hit the dust we got a Juki and used it till it was no longer serviceable. so here I go again. I tried it out and fell instantly in love! The only BIG problem is the loading is so different but a few tries and I will get it (I hope).

I went to Va. to see one of my granddaughters graduate and got to spend some time with my son . It was a  happy time for us. Katie will be leaving for Auburn to go to school and her brother is in school there and I believe he graduates in December. And here in my home town my sweet Faith will begin her Sr. year in High School, we are all so excited for her to see what the next chapter will be. The rest of the sweet Grands  in Ohio are doing wonderful,I am a lucky Granny!!!

I must get off this computer and do a few chores and then off to my Happy Place and work on a quilt. Enjoy your day and many blessings to you.

Hugs, Marie

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Week-End

Today I celebrate the loves of my life giving so much to their country. I am so proud  of my sweet Ray, my son Claude, my brothers Jim and  Darious, and my granddaughter Meredith, you all are so precious to me.My son will be leaving Wy. the end of July for his new assignment and he will be back in Washington,DC, and boy is the mama happy because it is so much closer than Wy.I have enjoyed my time in the studio working on the Auburn quilt and doing up some tea towels. I have this crazy idea that I can do a show again--now where did that come from??? We are having such beautiful weather, the sunshine is so nice. Till next time,have a great day. Hugs, Marie

P.S. This is my wonderful son!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Baby Steps

I am proud of me for going in the studio and working on the quilt  for Alex. It is a big work in progress. Takes me forever to accomplish any block  even  though it is not a hard block. My thought  process  is so much slower than before. Hope everyone is doing well. They have put Ray's headstone in and it is beautiful ,went up yesterday to see it. Our weather is beautiful and I would love to be outside but  know better than that when I am alone. Really do enjoy everyone's blogs they fill my day with smiles. Take care and many blessings to all Marie

Friday, April 1, 2016

Precious Memories

After much time waiting, the Veterans Cemetery was opened in our county and I was able to have Rays remains interned. My sweet Mary Lisa and her Brian went with me and it was very special to finally complete this time of my life. All the memories flooded my soul and it was a beautiful sunshiny day..I know God takes care of us all after this time has been done.

I am still working on my Auburn quilt but it will get done. I know I am slow but I will get faster again one day soon. Must put things in order in my life first, and believe me I am cleaning out and working on it.

Love reading the blogs and visiting with you all, I have a little trouble with getting some of the comments going through, I will have to spend more time and investigate that. have a beautiful day and   Happy Quilting to all. Hugs, Marie

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beautiful Day

The sun is shinning and no rain in sight. I have been at the sewing machine again and it feels so right!Hope  all my sweet friends are doing well too. Not much to report here. Oh yes I have been trying to respond to some of my friends who have word press and I can not get it to go through, yes I have signed up and password stuff and still to no avail. Has anyone else had that problem? Well I need to get busy but wanted you all to know I think about you and read your blogs and love to hear of what your up to. Have a beautiful day and your in thought. Hugs, Marie

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


They told me to be sure I wait one year before I make any changes in my life, wow so true but then when you try to make even the smallest ones it is difficult. I treasure my precious children, I don't know how I would do everything without them or at least running things by them. It makes me feel good to chat with them. I am cutting more pieces on my Auburn quilt for my sweet Alex, sure hope I can get it complete  before he graduates. I believe I heard his sister is going to go to the  same University next year. The time is flying by, my precious Faith Elizabeth will graduate next year, I will be lost if she moves away, she is Granny's right hand. I love reading all the blogs even if I don't respond right away. Many blessings to all.