Monday, August 31, 2015


Hello to all, I have been going into the studio a lot but don't have  anything to show you at this time. Two weeks ago I was hit by a hit and run driver and it totaled my car, I wasn't ready to get another car but I have and I am happy with it. My beautiful bruises are going away and I am shocked I walked away from it as well as I did. Insurance Company said it was close to 20,000 to fix it so it was totaled .Now I have my Basque Red car and it is beautiful. I sure hope the jerk that fled the  accident has a karma life. Our weather is still very warm but the kids are  all back in school so I have that Fall feeling already and have put a few things out. Fall  was always Ray's and my favorite time of year.  Till later enjoy life and take care. Many Hugs, Marie