Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In the Mood

I have been in the sewing studio a few times in the last week or sew. I have a few pieces cut out and actually one row on a pinwheel quilt put together. All this stuff was in a box on the shelf and I could see it looking at me and saying hey what about me? Opened it up and have been working on it again. I don't want to start something new just yet, still sorta rusty and need more time before that but I do believe I am on my way.I had my daughter come by yesterday on her way home as I couldn't reach the bolt of white that I want to use in between the rows. I think when we added the studio and Ray helped me put things away he put all the bolts on this one shelf that was in like a closet and it is too high for me.I am lucky to have the kids nearby to help me out.We have been having lots of rain every afternoon so things are green again. Hope everyone is doing fine. Until next time,take care and sending many hugs to you all. Marie