Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's A Sunshine Day

It is a beautiful day here in Florida. we live on the East coast and right near Cocoa Beach. The Spring Breakers are starting to flock here and it will be crowded until the end of April. That's  okay with me, I plan to be in my special sewing room and doing my thing. Lorie  has moved home with us and she has been the best help with her Dad and me too . I do enjoy my girls and love to see them all together. Would love to have my Claude join us soon. Chatted with him on Friday night as he was driving from Washington D.C. to Va. to spend the weekend with his family. He is due to go to his new duty station in late June or early July and he will find out just  where in the next couple of weeks. Of course we are all pulling for North Florida but it seems they just might have other special plans for him in a state called  Wyoming see I even have trouble spelling it let alone thinking about him being so far away.
Well back to my favorite thing right now--- I have given up my BIG job with OES and now I have my days free to spend with Ray and doing what I love best-QUILTING and any needle work. There is a quilt on the cutting table, a fleece throw almost ready to tie for the great grandson coming into this world in a couple of weeks. Yes that makes TWO great grandkids for us to go with 14 GRANDS.We feel so lucky and blessed.
Hope all of you are doing well and your weather is breaking for the best. Don't forget to set your clocks today.
Many Hugs, Marie


Jackie said...

It' a beautiful day today, isn't it? I need to do what you're doing and get busy in my sewing room.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You have your priorites in order, family and sewing. Congratulations, my friend, on your soon-to-be GREAT grandson. You are blessed. Hugs to you~

Cuz said...

We had 6" of snow a few days ago, but the last few days have been lovely, and most of it is melted, and the daffodils are ready to bloom. Hope you post pix of the quilt. Glad Lorie is there to help.

Deb said...

Marie, how exciting for you all another great grandchild arriving. I can't wait until we are privileged enough for grandchildren. At the moment I spoil my brothers grandchildren, they are so adorable, I just wish they lived closer. It is so good to hear that Lorie is home with you and Ray and able to help. This will take such a lot of the worry from you and having her company will be fantastic for you both. Much love xx