Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014

It has been months since I have posted, even though I have spent  much time reading your blogs, I have neglected mine. Many things have happened in our home this past year ,some  bad and many good things, I am choosing to dwell on the good as I can not change the bad. My precious Ray knows me like a book ,how  to make me happy and bring the peace to my soul even when I question it. This is my Christmas from him and I couldn't be happier.
Now I need to busy myself with reading directions and practice ,practice  to learn these special operations . The quilt machine I can master readily but the other one puzzles me some .Before  long I hope to have some things to show you .Our daughter from Ca. is moving home to help me and she is a joy and loves crafting too . She says we need to do a show Mom like we used too, we will have to see on that. I know how much Ray is looking forward to having her here. It will help ease some of the times that Mary Lisa is so busy helping us too when Ray gets really bad. And now from our home to yours, we wish for you much joy ,peace and good health for 2014.I hope to do a lot better on the blogging  this year as it really means so much to connect with all of you, your like a great big wonderful family and I love each of you. Many hugs to all, Marie