Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Blessings

Our family wishes a very Happy New Year to all our friends and family around the world. We have so much to be thankful for as we close out 2014. There has not been much sewing going on in this house for a long time and this Must stop. Even if I  only do  a seam or two each day I know I will feel differently. Lorie is still living with us and she has found a great job in her field so that has made her very happy.Her  youngest son Shawn came for a visit at Thanksgiving. We all enjoyed spending time with him and it was a sad time when he had to go back to Ca. Mary Lisa and her family continue to be of great strength to me in so many ways. Faith is driving now and will have her regular permit in April.  And she also is working at the Ice Rink where she continues to skate. One of our granddaughters  from Ohio is visiting us while her older sister is competing in the SHINE competion in Orlando hoping to get a recording contract in Christian music. We have been busy shopping and today Faith will take Jaycie  to the Ice Rink for some skating. Tomorrow Jaycie and Granny are going to spend some quality time in the sewing room. Claude Jr. and his family had a very white Christmas with the temperature being 19 below. He said don't worry Mom we only have three months without snow here in Cheyenne, Wy.  He is loving this assignment. Alex is doing great at Auburn and Katie is a Jr. this year and continuing with her gymnastics and will be looked at by several universities after winter break. Ray continues to amaze me with his health, with all that is wrong he never complains and just keeps on being his sweet self which I love dearly. Enough rambling, I just hope you all stay safe and 2015 brings to each of us peace and love .To  our country I hope that we can live in peace and be safe. God's blessings to each of you. Until next time, Marie

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Very Special Day

Good Morning to all who come to visit. Today is a special day for Ray and I--it is our 16th wedding anniversary. We are so  greatful   to have another year together and to begin yet another! To bring you up to date, he is getting ready to see the oncologist again next Monday, we have had the dreaded blood work and scans and now we wait-- hope this time we get some good news. This will be a rambling post as a lot has happened. Lorie moved home with us ,do  you know what it is like to have a kid move home when  they are grown and  you are use to only having two people in the house ? WE are surviving but there are days  I wonder. Yes she is working and has found a great job in her field of dentistry. Mary Lisa  and her family are fine just staying so busy. Faith was tapped for National Honor Society  yesterday ,we  are thrilled. I don't know how she balances it all- high school, cheerleading ,ice  skating, a part time job at the Ice Rink and yes we now have a drivers permit. She is such a joy to us !!Her Daddy  Brian is so good to visit with Ray and take him out to lunch   and out and about for the guy stuff .Claude  Jr.  has relocated to  Cheynne ,   Wy . He is now the Vice Commander of the Air Force Base located there. Proud oh yes I am!!!!His sweet family has moved from Va. to  Wy.  to all be together again!. Katie will begin Her Jr. year in High School and she will be driving to Denver, Co, to go to the gym for her gymnastics as her levels are very high and they don't have it in Cheynne.  Alex helped them drive the  cars across country  and to be able to set up his room  in their new home. He left the other night to go back to Auburn University. we have had to make several trips to Ohio in the last three months and one to Va. We are home now and I plan to stay in good ole Hot Florida, I am very tired of the road trips for what ever reasons we had to make them.  Darryl and Pam are doing well in Ohio and staying very busy with their dogs. All the grandchildren seem to be fine, growing  up and staying busy with school,  jobs, etc. I am on a clean out, get rid of all the junk that is taking up space that I want to use for something else-- can't imagine where we get all the stuff from but out it goes, look out yard sale weekend!!Last Thursday we went to go get Ray's blood work done and decided on another fun stop and got out of the car and the rest is history-- yes I tumbled and hit really hard on the couping  and concrete. Off to  the ER  cast on wrist, have to wait till Monday to see the Orthopedic Dr. See him and he takes off cast and says only need this funky brace, hey I like that cause you really need a shower every once in a while or you can't stand yourself. Some cortisone injections were ordered and of course physical therapy! Went yesterday for first therapy, he says I have lost about 80% of my motion and usage, got to work hard to get this back. Meanwhile my favorite things have been on hold-I have a half finished pieced baby quilt at the machine and a stack of baby fabrics out to cut. My sweet niece had a baby girl last week and she was 5 weeks early , little Amelia Grace is doing well. Faith's skating coach is expecting twin girls the end of September and one of the Dr.'s Mary Lisa works for is expecting a girl and so is one of the tech's in her office. So Yeah so glad I have lots of girly fabrics .I  have been reading the blogs and even though I don't always leave a comment,  I really love to see what your making and  doing. Have a beautiful day and I am sending many hugs and good thoughts to each of you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Favorite Color

While checking out the  things you could change  on your blog found out I could change the color to PURPLE, now if you know me, that is my most favorite color. Instead of goofing off I should be in the  quilt room but instead this was calling me. I spent this morning trying to get rid of a nasty sinus headache so I don't have a lot of ambition. Our son In law took Ray out to lunch and  to the Fire Station, he loved it,   it was great for him to get out without me. I think I heard a rumor they had so much fun they are going again tomorrow. Our weather has been beautiful today, hope you have enjoyed yours too. Time to fix dinner , so I am off to there. Thanks for stopping- bye. Hugs to you, Marie

Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's A Sunshine Day

It is a beautiful day here in Florida. we live on the East coast and right near Cocoa Beach. The Spring Breakers are starting to flock here and it will be crowded until the end of April. That's  okay with me, I plan to be in my special sewing room and doing my thing. Lorie  has moved home with us and she has been the best help with her Dad and me too . I do enjoy my girls and love to see them all together. Would love to have my Claude join us soon. Chatted with him on Friday night as he was driving from Washington D.C. to Va. to spend the weekend with his family. He is due to go to his new duty station in late June or early July and he will find out just  where in the next couple of weeks. Of course we are all pulling for North Florida but it seems they just might have other special plans for him in a state called  Wyoming see I even have trouble spelling it let alone thinking about him being so far away.
Well back to my favorite thing right now--- I have given up my BIG job with OES and now I have my days free to spend with Ray and doing what I love best-QUILTING and any needle work. There is a quilt on the cutting table, a fleece throw almost ready to tie for the great grandson coming into this world in a couple of weeks. Yes that makes TWO great grandkids for us to go with 14 GRANDS.We feel so lucky and blessed.
Hope all of you are doing well and your weather is breaking for the best. Don't forget to set your clocks today.
Many Hugs, Marie

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happenings In Our Life

Things have been a tad stressful recently with Ray now being treated for dementia and all the other stuff, his wonderful personality has really changed and has become not so very nice. My great Christmas presents have been siting on hold and I am so  anixious  to have some one on one with them, maybe next month. Hope you all are staying warm, we do most of the time but this has been a strange weather pattern. We are so  greatful  that Lorie has moved home with us and has settled in  and is such a great comfort to me. I do read all the blogs early and I do mean early in the morning as I drink my coffee and get ready to start my day. Maybe I will have a picture to show before long. Till then, have a blessed day  and hugs from our home to yours. Marie

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014

It has been months since I have posted, even though I have spent  much time reading your blogs, I have neglected mine. Many things have happened in our home this past year ,some  bad and many good things, I am choosing to dwell on the good as I can not change the bad. My precious Ray knows me like a book ,how  to make me happy and bring the peace to my soul even when I question it. This is my Christmas from him and I couldn't be happier.
Now I need to busy myself with reading directions and practice ,practice  to learn these special operations . The quilt machine I can master readily but the other one puzzles me some .Before  long I hope to have some things to show you .Our daughter from Ca. is moving home to help me and she is a joy and loves crafting too . She says we need to do a show Mom like we used too, we will have to see on that. I know how much Ray is looking forward to having her here. It will help ease some of the times that Mary Lisa is so busy helping us too when Ray gets really bad. And now from our home to yours, we wish for you much joy ,peace and good health for 2014.I hope to do a lot better on the blogging  this year as it really means so much to connect with all of you, your like a great big wonderful family and I love each of you. Many hugs to all, Marie