Sunday, August 18, 2013

Late Posts

Here it is half way through August and I kept saying I need to post but one thing after another took over. One Big problem is I kept thinking I have to have a finished something to show you  but that is not so. I do have the baby afghan finished thanks to my sweet daughter-in-law. They all came down to see Ray after his long hospital stay and she can crochet up a storm so she put the edging on for me since my mind was completely  blank as to even how to start it .I was so glad to have some family here, Ray had been so sick , his kidneys had shut down and he had no memory of any of us for seven days, I was so beside myself ,nothing seemed to help. His kidneys have some  back to 60% and his memory is about at 85% and the culprit was the statin meds he was on. Now we have all that changed so he is on the mend. Meanwhile the last couple of weeks I have been working on the military quilt for my son. I showed you all the center design in the last post and I was lost as to what I was going to do with it. I have beautiful Civil War fabrics so I went to work with them. I have also added tiny crosses all around the center panel for the fallen soldiers that were in Iraq when he was there and used this emblem. I also have been trying to work on some of my hand work as I have several blocks of the months that I bought and I love them. I will try to make a couple of pictures so you can see. Hope you all are doing well. My sweet Faith has started High School this year and we just can't get over that, the years have gone too quickly. must get back to my machine. Hugs to all, Marie
P.S. I tried to download the pictures so you could see my work and it won't download so will try to use my phone camera tomorrow and post pics.

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Ulla said...

Best wishes to you both, and good luck with the military quilt.