Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Beginnings

Here we are again, wondering just where my time has gone. Many of us are involved in many things that take us different places and we become so involved in them that we spread ourselves to thin and forget what is most important.Well yes you guessed  correctly, I did just that! Between taking care of my husband, being very active in my Eastern Star Chapter as secretary(that's like a full time job).I thought just going to the meetings and maybe the minutes was it but oh no more and more! I am not a complainer  just  think I didn't see it clearly at the time. Well rolling right along comes lots of meetings to get our  52nd Class Reunion going, now that has been fun and it will be wonderful to see them again. I chaired the 50th and they didn't want to wait till the 55th so we decided to have a 52nd. We have a lot coming. Our class was very large and we several hundred in it. The reunion will be next week-end .Along  with all this we decided to paint the inside of our house and you all know how that goes, one thing leads to another and  so on, new front door and of course I had to have it painted Cherokee Red  ,I  love the  look!! With all this going on, I fell and took a big tumble, broke a couple of ribs, some cuts and some bruises to my arms and my face too. We also decided it was time to let go of the big quilt machine and bind all since it had not worked in a long time. They were very old and worn out so I had very big withdrawals as they left and for some time afterwards. With all the goings on, our grandson from Ca. came to stay with us for a few weeks, we enjoyed it very much but you all know what it is to have an 18 year old that is very active and loves to eat(oh that requires me to cook).Ray and Cody spent some time going to the beach and they both enjoyed that a lot. Cody got to see the places his mother had lived and where she had grown up . He got to know his East Coast family as well as a trip to Ohio for him to have some quality time with his family there. Fast forward to May. Faith went to Spain and competed in World for ice skating with her team, they finished 10th,so proud of them. Our other granddaughter Katie came in 3rd in nationals in gymnastics. Very  proud of my girls. Alex has finished his first year of college at Auburn .And  so happy that my son is home again from the Zone and I so hope he doesn't have to go back again. He has had to spend a lot of time there and that was his second time in two and half years .Here  it is the middle of June and I haven't done much creating but that will start right after we get home from the reunion---- I just got the new Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Deluxe and I also got the  Quilters Design 5 D. I loved my SE but this one has so many bells and whistles and Peg has told me she will be at my front door if I don't come to class and really learn this machine. YES I AM EXCITED about this new toy and it WILL be used. I told  Ray he has to get himself a real comfy chair if he wants to visit me as I am going to be in my studio a lot. He can come in there with me and visit and watch his old Westerns too. Well my sweet friends I have taken  up your coffee time, so glad you came to visit and please come back soon. Many hugs


Anne Heidi said...

Sometimes life just gets in the way of our wonderful hobby! I hope you will enjoy your new sewingmachine Marie! And have fun at the reunion!

Cuz said...

So good to see an update on all your activities! But so sorry to hear about your fall. I'll try to call or email soon--I have a wedding (Teigan's) to tell you about!