Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is this The Year?

Hello my sweet blogging friends,it has been a long time between posts.Seems like there is not enough hours in our days to do much of anything.Ray is still undergoing alot of problems but I wish I had his great attitude.Friday he will have another test to see about the cancer.Our grandson from Ca. is coming to live with us until he leaves for the Marines this summer. We look forward to having him.My son is deployed again and that is always a worry but I have learned to lean on God and He will see me through.My big quilt machine is no longer with us and I  am not sure if we will be getting another one.It was really worn out and would have cost way to much to fix and was so outdated. I do know what I want but not sure it is practical at this time. Even my Bind-all has hit the dust. We had some company and one of their kids decided to play with the settings ,they thought it was so neat that things turned on it---YIKES!! I will take a day soon and try agin to undo the dammage and see if I can get it to work again.I have been working with a comm. for our 50+2 High School Reunion. It is so wonderful to catch up with some of the kids we ran around with.I did make a baby quilt for the Starlight Childrens Foundation and I am crocheting a varigated blue afghan which I will give to them too. The quilts for my son and granson are still works in progress.This fall brought me a wonderful honor as I was appointed Grand Representive of Nebraska in Florida. This is a two year appointment  through Easter Star. I belonged to Rainbow girls while growing up then went into Eastern Star at 18. I love the work we do and I am proud tohave my daughter as a member too. Well I am going to leave you with a couple of pictures of what I did and what i am working  on. Hope youallhave a beautiful day filled with love and sunshine. Many hugs, Marie