Saturday, September 17, 2011

Been to Minnesota

Hi to everyone, we have had the most wonderful week in Richmond,Mn. on Big Lake. We were the houseguests of our dear friend Jill. As most of you know I am a caregiver for my hubby who has cancer and a very severe heart problem that is not fixable. He loves to fish so up we went and oh such fun!! But of course I was spoiled too- Jill took me to Grubers Quilt Shop,and another neat little quilt shop that is located in the back of a newspaper print shoppe.We went to a WONDERFUL antique store and I could have stayed in there for hours. I bought a beautiful very old cabin quilt done out of old silks,hand stitched of course---love it!!!!!One night Jill came out with a little ball of yarn and a crochet hook and proceeded to teach me to do some stitches. Of course I could already do a chain stitch, but now look at me go--I bought some pretty baby yarn to make a much larger afghan for our great grandaughter Kennedi as she is growing so fast, will be the big one in December. I worked on it and on Thursday while I went out to play around for awhile, wandered into the Knit Shop in Cocoa Village and found some yummy pink marbled chunky yarn to do a small lap blanket for a sweet young friend of my daughter's and myself who has undergone the removal of both breasts from cancer then just had to have the ovaries out too. She went to school with MaryLisa and she is a ball of fire,so here I go on a crochet marathon.I am still working on my quilt for Ray and I too. Will post the pictures of our trip. The little red mustang convertible was a special surprise that I rented at the airport in Minn. the other pictures will be of Ray catching the first fish when we went out just after we got there. There is a picture of Jill driving her pontoon boat, it was lovely and very comfortable. A pic . of Ray fishing from the end of the dock while Jill and I took off for the stores.And of course the pics of my good treasures I bought. Hope you all enjoy, We sure did. Now back to my crocheting for a bit this Saturday afternoon.Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Marie


Jackie said...

I've heard Minnesota in the summer is a beautiful place to be. Your pictures are a testament to that for sure!

Tooling around in that sweet red convertible must have been loads of fun for you both!

Cuz said...

Sounds like a great trip! So glad you got to go! The log cabin quilt is gorgeous, but I'll bet it's even gorgeous-er in person! Love the convertible!

Terry said...

Sounds like a great week for everyone! :0)

maria said...

Hi again, I know it's been a while since I vistited, sorry!
Glad you are having more luck with crochet than I did when I tried to learn!

Anne Heidi said...

Looks and sounds like you had a lovely trip!
That yarn shop in Cocoa Village has a lot of great yarn- enjoy your crocheting!