Wednesday, June 22, 2011


WEll my friends here we go off to my High School 50th Reunion. I have had so much fun chairing this event even though it has been alot of work. It will be in Boca Raton in South Florida even though I graduated from North Miami High. Looking forward to catching up wth some friends from long ago.

Now on the home front I am enjoying my new sewing abode so much. I have the room I need and the places to put things. I have been working with my emb. machine on some hand towels for the reunion. Also made two tops for baby quilts and I used the neatest froggy material. At this time my quilt machine is out of order and the guy hasn't shortened the table or have I had it serviced. That will come next.Have a good wekend all and I will be back on Sunday NIght, Hugs, Marie

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome to my New Abode

Hello my wonderful blogging friends. Thanks so much for bareing with me these last few months of trails and woes. Our office and sewing room are just about 100% completed. Some fine tuning and things on the walls but that will come in time and yes the quilt machine has to be added.Blood sweat and tears have gone in this adventure and I am very pleased for the most part. The office is great lots of room and very cheerful to work in.The beautiful green room is so sunny and bright with lots of windows and nice white cabinets to store things and the counters are great to sew on.My only problem is after adding all the counters and cabinets my 12 ft table for the quilt machine was way toooo big. I have a friend who is going to make it down to 10ft yes I will loose a little length in quilting but I believe I can still do up to 110" and that will be fine for me. I still think I would like that GEORGE machine from APQS but haven't convinced Ray of that YET!!! The room with the small hide a bed and rocking chair will be for Faith when she comes over and stays, it is still under construction by her. The next room is the room that was the office and now is a guest room and I love it , it is so peaceful!!The last picture is looking through my bedroom into the office , I decied to leave the large doorway open as I can use my wheelchair when needed and it relly makes everything look more open and fresh. There is a door going between the office and the sewing room that I can close off for privacy as well as one going into my bedroom from the hallway.Thanks for visiting me in my new abode and I hope to spend many happy hours playing again. For those of you who have know about the new scare we had the cardiologist is seeing me next week and will go over his findings about the blockage, I do know it is small and not able to have a stint at this time., but I do feel stronger each day. Thanks for the visit. Please come again. Love you all in blogland. Now to the machines I go.
Many hugs, Marie