Monday, April 4, 2011

Working Away

One of our LQS's is closing in April so a friend of mine went up with me-now I really didn't need anything but oh the goodies I came home with. Of course when we left there we had to go to our favorite LQS and it was so much fun, found some nice things to work on. I got out my trusty Go and cut some fabris and then decided I really needed to sew up some things that were bugging me. I had bought some college fleese a while back and wanted to make the grandkids some throws so yesterday while Nascar was on I was working away. I did five of them -- wow five finishes in one day I know they were not tough things but I really did them-What a great feeling. NOw on to the next project. Gee when you want construction to go fast it just goes slower so I am just going to try to relax (what does that mean?).My baby brother is coming into Port Canaveral on Wednesday with his sweet wife and they are on a crusie to somewhere and their fist stop is here. I get to go to the Port and pick them up for a few hours and bring them to my house for a visit, It will be so much fun. WEll off to get things going for MOnday. Tomorrow will be a little cleaning up for family visit.Have a beautiful Monday. Thought I would include a few pictures from Faith from Her birthday, riding her bike to Granny's house, adding a yellow ribbon for Uncle Claude to her mail box with her Mom and the beautiful flag pole we added infron of our little house when my preciouse son left for Iraq.Enjoy my family. Hugs, Marie

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Anne Heidi said...

Love the pictures! Wow 5 finishes in one day is amazing, you're on a roll!
Hope your Sunday is great :-)