Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Faith and Ola

Happy Birthday Faith and Ola who are 12 years old today!Faith is my grandaughter and Ola is the son of sweet bloger friend Anne Heidi in Norway. They spend some of there vacations in Cocoa Beach each year as she was our foreign exchange student in 1988 and she was in my son's class. What a small world, We meet now and our love of quilting and family is so great. Thanks for sharing your precious family with us!!
WE are waiting for the ct scan and Pet scan on Ray to be done to see what has changed over the past months.Waiting is not one of my better things to do.WE are watching the addition being put on our house and as they progress some more I will include the pictures. Meanwhile I am working on my quilt and my redwork. Have a good weekend and thanks for the prayers, love and phone calls to us. You friends are so precious to me. Hugs, Marie


Cuz said...

I'm sure Faith doesn't remember me, but tell her I said "Happy B'day" anyway! Anxious to hear about Ray's tests... Hang in there--you're both in my thoughts...

Anonymous said...

I met Anne Heidi in Houston and we had a great time together too. Now if only you and I could meet up IRL!
Best wishes to Ray.