Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Faith and Ola

Happy Birthday Faith and Ola who are 12 years old today!Faith is my grandaughter and Ola is the son of sweet bloger friend Anne Heidi in Norway. They spend some of there vacations in Cocoa Beach each year as she was our foreign exchange student in 1988 and she was in my son's class. What a small world, We meet now and our love of quilting and family is so great. Thanks for sharing your precious family with us!!
WE are waiting for the ct scan and Pet scan on Ray to be done to see what has changed over the past months.Waiting is not one of my better things to do.WE are watching the addition being put on our house and as they progress some more I will include the pictures. Meanwhile I am working on my quilt and my redwork. Have a good weekend and thanks for the prayers, love and phone calls to us. You friends are so precious to me. Hugs, Marie

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunny Day

Today is Sunday, the sun is shinning brightly, I have my Go set up on the bar n the kitchen as I am gonna be doing some serious cutting while the Nascar bunch is doing its thing!!Gotta love my races, I tell everyone do not call me as all you will get will be the answer machine.Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes.Now you all know that Ray has been in remission from his cancer for five(5) years. WEll he went on my birthday for his blood work and the next day his Dr. called himself and Ray's blood work was not good-all his number are very high,WE will be in his office on WEdnesday morning at 10:00. I have been up , down, and just plain all over the place in the mood department. Ray is doing all he can to keep himself busy too.My Go is gonna work to give me alot of cutouts for some baby quilts. I have this idea to do a few weekend shows. We will see how much I get done. Hope you all have a beautiful day and I will check back in on Wednesday after we get more info. Hugs, Marie

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NewQuilty Project

While I could get out back, thought I would show you what I am doing with my time-- I love my new GO CUTTER !! I am cutting the tumbling blocks out of repoduction fabrics and making a queen size quilt. It will be a very busy scrappy quilt but loved so much. I am not going to wait until my new room is up and finished I am in a go mode!! Tomorrow is my 68th birhday and in celebration of it I want to be a new and better gal-so what better way than to get on to my hand work and be productive.New ideas are flowing and it is great to feel this way again.Have a beautiful day and love you all!!Hugs

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Room Addition

Hello from me to you all, sorry I have been out of touch, but I have been reading some blogs along the way.So much has been going on with me and my family.First of all thank you all who sent us well wishes for my son's travel to Iraq, he is there and doing his job. Ray is doing very well , but then I have had a few set-backs with my legs and ending up n the hospital with no circulation in the left one---VERY SCAREY!!!!!!So I take it easy and do just the things I need too. Our big excitement is we have had the large Fl. room that had not very good windows in it cut off from our house and the General Contractor is adding us a room the entire width of our house and it goes out about 17-18 ft. This will make an office behind our room, their will be a beautiful glass door going into it, that will house the desk and computers,etc. Now hold on----the other side of it will be my new sewing room/craft room. I am having nice counters alll around the room with cabinets and drawers under them . There will be several places for me to roll my chair up to counter for my sewing machine, serger and emb. machine. Talk about excitement, I am beside myself with joy.I now will do so much as I will be out of this little hallway that I am calling my sewing room and I just don't like to be in it. This Thursday I am going with a friend to the sewing exp in Lakeland, I can't wait to see all the new things.
Ray's niece is coming in April to buy my quilt machine and bind-all machine so that will give me now alot of options as to what I really want to do as far as finishing my quilts off. I am mulling a few things over in my head. I miss you all and I do think about blogging aften but just don't take the time like I should . God Bless you all. HUgs, Marie