Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas

I want to wish you all the very best of holidays for you and your wonderful families.WE will celebrate with Faith and her family at her other grandmothers house. Ray and I have been busy working on Christmas things for the grandchildren and kids. It has been wonderful to have him involved too. He made a beautiful wreath adding off white muslin 3" squares to a straw wreath and splashing a few squares of red in it too. He did a great job,we did so many of those years ago and he remembered . I have been doing a lot of easy fleece throws for the grandchildren,you know those you use two pieces and fringe and tie. Sure does take alot of time but they are worth it and will keep those sweet ones warm. When I did my last post I mispelled where my son was going and he will be at Pope A.F.B. and it looks like he will be on his way home in another week unless the big guy changes his mind. Can't wait to have him back in the USA and with his sweet family.Ok coffee break is over and back to business and tieing these things, you know when you get fourteen grandchildren and one great one you are busy.I have been reading your blogs and I am sorry I haven't had much time to write comments but after the first of the year hopefully things will be a little more normal here(ha ha did I say normal) and I will be on the ball again. God bless you all and see you after the first in 2012
Hugs to all,Marie

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging friends and families. We will beleaving shortly to go to our daughters for dinner. I have made a few contributions to take over too. I am so thankful for my family, first my hubby's cancer has not grown, prayers are so strong for him and yesterday we were on top of the world when we left the oncologist office.My cardio appointment went very well too. And to top this wonderful new, my osn is leaving Iraq and hopfully will be with his precious family intime for Christmas. He will be assigned to Polk AFB for a year. Yeah--that isn't too far a drive for us!!today I also wanted to share with you a couple of things I have been working on. First I finished the afghan for the young friend of mine who went to school with my daughter. She is a inspiration to us and is a cancer survivor.Next I took a class from the very talented Laurie Shifrin. If you ever have a chance to take a class from her please do-- you will learn and and really laugh and enjoy it. My quilt is the Mango Tango, wow bright colors too. It is still a work in progress as I wanted to finish that afghan. That afghans was so much fun I just learned to crochet while in Mn . visiting my friend Jill and she taught me. Thanks so much Jill, Love you girlfriend!!In closing i send many blessings and hugs to all, I promise to be a better bloggger, really I will!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Been to Minnesota

Hi to everyone, we have had the most wonderful week in Richmond,Mn. on Big Lake. We were the houseguests of our dear friend Jill. As most of you know I am a caregiver for my hubby who has cancer and a very severe heart problem that is not fixable. He loves to fish so up we went and oh such fun!! But of course I was spoiled too- Jill took me to Grubers Quilt Shop,and another neat little quilt shop that is located in the back of a newspaper print shoppe.We went to a WONDERFUL antique store and I could have stayed in there for hours. I bought a beautiful very old cabin quilt done out of old silks,hand stitched of course---love it!!!!!One night Jill came out with a little ball of yarn and a crochet hook and proceeded to teach me to do some stitches. Of course I could already do a chain stitch, but now look at me go--I bought some pretty baby yarn to make a much larger afghan for our great grandaughter Kennedi as she is growing so fast, will be the big one in December. I worked on it and on Thursday while I went out to play around for awhile, wandered into the Knit Shop in Cocoa Village and found some yummy pink marbled chunky yarn to do a small lap blanket for a sweet young friend of my daughter's and myself who has undergone the removal of both breasts from cancer then just had to have the ovaries out too. She went to school with MaryLisa and she is a ball of fire,so here I go on a crochet marathon.I am still working on my quilt for Ray and I too. Will post the pictures of our trip. The little red mustang convertible was a special surprise that I rented at the airport in Minn. the other pictures will be of Ray catching the first fish when we went out just after we got there. There is a picture of Jill driving her pontoon boat, it was lovely and very comfortable. A pic . of Ray fishing from the end of the dock while Jill and I took off for the stores.And of course the pics of my good treasures I bought. Hope you all enjoy, We sure did. Now back to my crocheting for a bit this Saturday afternoon.Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Marie

Monday, August 29, 2011

Gifts and Hurrican Irene

We are lucky in Cocoa Beach Florida to have just alot of rain and wind from "Irene". We were spared, and are so thankful. Our hearts and prayers to the rest of the eastern coast that was in harms way and had so many problems.We rode out to the beach and in the midst of the storm there was a guy out there kite skying and when he came in was having alot of trouble tryin bring in the kite. The water was very rough . When we arrived home and got our mail I was so excited to see a package from my sweet friend Anne Heidi. She is so precious to our family. She sent me some beautiful fabrics and a really neat bag with the heart cut out I LOVE it.She included a neat pattern and the labels to make a sewing pouch that is on my table now to get started. Thank you thank you Anne Heidi !! Till next time Hugs, Marie

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Fall Finish

Hello to all my friends. We are still here just been in the slow mode and not getting alot completed. Decided I had to get with the program so here is my Fall finish. Just found the binding material on my last visit to the LQS and it was the perfect choice.On the 21st of August Ray and I celebrated our anniversary by going out on the casino boat and then to Outback for dinner. It was a beautiful day together.Now on to my next project, hope to report sooner than this last one. Take care all. Hugs, Marie

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tumbler Project

Happy July 1. I decided that I would start spending at least 1 hour a day working on my tumbler quilt,then- maybe then I will finish it.Today I added the 4th row and cut out some more tumblers. It really is a busy quilt but after much consideration I am going to continue this way. It is for me and I love the 1930's fabric so much and so does hubby.We spent last weekend at my class reunion and it was wonderful to see my friends again and to be reacquainted with some new ones. Have a safe and beautiful 4th of July, God bless the USA. Many hugs, Marie

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


WEll my friends here we go off to my High School 50th Reunion. I have had so much fun chairing this event even though it has been alot of work. It will be in Boca Raton in South Florida even though I graduated from North Miami High. Looking forward to catching up wth some friends from long ago.

Now on the home front I am enjoying my new sewing abode so much. I have the room I need and the places to put things. I have been working with my emb. machine on some hand towels for the reunion. Also made two tops for baby quilts and I used the neatest froggy material. At this time my quilt machine is out of order and the guy hasn't shortened the table or have I had it serviced. That will come next.Have a good wekend all and I will be back on Sunday NIght, Hugs, Marie

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome to my New Abode

Hello my wonderful blogging friends. Thanks so much for bareing with me these last few months of trails and woes. Our office and sewing room are just about 100% completed. Some fine tuning and things on the walls but that will come in time and yes the quilt machine has to be added.Blood sweat and tears have gone in this adventure and I am very pleased for the most part. The office is great lots of room and very cheerful to work in.The beautiful green room is so sunny and bright with lots of windows and nice white cabinets to store things and the counters are great to sew on.My only problem is after adding all the counters and cabinets my 12 ft table for the quilt machine was way toooo big. I have a friend who is going to make it down to 10ft yes I will loose a little length in quilting but I believe I can still do up to 110" and that will be fine for me. I still think I would like that GEORGE machine from APQS but haven't convinced Ray of that YET!!! The room with the small hide a bed and rocking chair will be for Faith when she comes over and stays, it is still under construction by her. The next room is the room that was the office and now is a guest room and I love it , it is so peaceful!!The last picture is looking through my bedroom into the office , I decied to leave the large doorway open as I can use my wheelchair when needed and it relly makes everything look more open and fresh. There is a door going between the office and the sewing room that I can close off for privacy as well as one going into my bedroom from the hallway.Thanks for visiting me in my new abode and I hope to spend many happy hours playing again. For those of you who have know about the new scare we had the cardiologist is seeing me next week and will go over his findings about the blockage, I do know it is small and not able to have a stint at this time., but I do feel stronger each day. Thanks for the visit. Please come again. Love you all in blogland. Now to the machines I go.
Many hugs, Marie

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lots of Electric!!!

I am getting so excited about the new sewing room and office. When the electric guy left he ask my hubby just what was I gonna do in there and Ray chuckled!! He then explanined that no quilter ever had too many sewing machines!! I have everything stacked and doubled stacked in another room awaitng the completion . I do know the tile is ordered, cabinets finished, dry wall going up Monday. The room is dried in and we had a big rain , no leaks I was very happy for that!We had a lovely Easter dinner over at my childrens father's house,great food and lots of chatting. Thought I would share a picture of Faith, boy oh boy is she growing up! Hope to use my Go cutter today and cut some more things out. I will be more than ready to sew when the room is done. I have decided to take my big quilt machine in for service and not sell it, already had a lady come by to see if I was still using it. With this room I better put it to use.That's all for now, Have a beautiful weekend and prayers for all those that have family and friends in the cities that had so much destruction.Hugs, Marie

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SewingRoom and Office Construction

Hello my friends, Wanted to share a couple of the pictures that Ray took of the construction so you can see what we are doing to our little house. YES it willbe so nice to have the spare bedroom as it should be and tohave a computer?office willbe great-BUT------the very best to me is to have the room for my quilting and sewing. We will have added about 500 square ft accross the backof our house, lots of room to play in. I order the counters, and cabinets last week for the sewing room and the counter and the large book cases to go in the office. I will show you more as the progres. HOpe all is god for each of you. I have been trying to read some blogs each day. I will leave tomorrow for four days in St. Augustine to attend Grand Chapter for Easter Star. Hugs to all, Marie

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The next few weeks will be very hectic for us and I have decided to not blog until we are able to finish the house and get some of Ray's health issues taken care of. I will miss each of you as you have become a part of my family. I will still read as time permits your precious blogs as they give me so much encouragement and really start my day. God Bless each of you. Love and hugs, Marie

Monday, April 4, 2011

Working Away

One of our LQS's is closing in April so a friend of mine went up with me-now I really didn't need anything but oh the goodies I came home with. Of course when we left there we had to go to our favorite LQS and it was so much fun, found some nice things to work on. I got out my trusty Go and cut some fabris and then decided I really needed to sew up some things that were bugging me. I had bought some college fleese a while back and wanted to make the grandkids some throws so yesterday while Nascar was on I was working away. I did five of them -- wow five finishes in one day I know they were not tough things but I really did them-What a great feeling. NOw on to the next project. Gee when you want construction to go fast it just goes slower so I am just going to try to relax (what does that mean?).My baby brother is coming into Port Canaveral on Wednesday with his sweet wife and they are on a crusie to somewhere and their fist stop is here. I get to go to the Port and pick them up for a few hours and bring them to my house for a visit, It will be so much fun. WEll off to get things going for MOnday. Tomorrow will be a little cleaning up for family visit.Have a beautiful Monday. Thought I would include a few pictures from Faith from Her birthday, riding her bike to Granny's house, adding a yellow ribbon for Uncle Claude to her mail box with her Mom and the beautiful flag pole we added infron of our little house when my preciouse son left for Iraq.Enjoy my family. Hugs, Marie

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Faith and Ola

Happy Birthday Faith and Ola who are 12 years old today!Faith is my grandaughter and Ola is the son of sweet bloger friend Anne Heidi in Norway. They spend some of there vacations in Cocoa Beach each year as she was our foreign exchange student in 1988 and she was in my son's class. What a small world, We meet now and our love of quilting and family is so great. Thanks for sharing your precious family with us!!
WE are waiting for the ct scan and Pet scan on Ray to be done to see what has changed over the past months.Waiting is not one of my better things to do.WE are watching the addition being put on our house and as they progress some more I will include the pictures. Meanwhile I am working on my quilt and my redwork. Have a good weekend and thanks for the prayers, love and phone calls to us. You friends are so precious to me. Hugs, Marie

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunny Day

Today is Sunday, the sun is shinning brightly, I have my Go set up on the bar n the kitchen as I am gonna be doing some serious cutting while the Nascar bunch is doing its thing!!Gotta love my races, I tell everyone do not call me as all you will get will be the answer machine.Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes.Now you all know that Ray has been in remission from his cancer for five(5) years. WEll he went on my birthday for his blood work and the next day his Dr. called himself and Ray's blood work was not good-all his number are very high,WE will be in his office on WEdnesday morning at 10:00. I have been up , down, and just plain all over the place in the mood department. Ray is doing all he can to keep himself busy too.My Go is gonna work to give me alot of cutouts for some baby quilts. I have this idea to do a few weekend shows. We will see how much I get done. Hope you all have a beautiful day and I will check back in on Wednesday after we get more info. Hugs, Marie

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NewQuilty Project

While I could get out back, thought I would show you what I am doing with my time-- I love my new GO CUTTER !! I am cutting the tumbling blocks out of repoduction fabrics and making a queen size quilt. It will be a very busy scrappy quilt but loved so much. I am not going to wait until my new room is up and finished I am in a go mode!! Tomorrow is my 68th birhday and in celebration of it I want to be a new and better gal-so what better way than to get on to my hand work and be productive.New ideas are flowing and it is great to feel this way again.Have a beautiful day and love you all!!Hugs

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Room Addition

Hello from me to you all, sorry I have been out of touch, but I have been reading some blogs along the way.So much has been going on with me and my family.First of all thank you all who sent us well wishes for my son's travel to Iraq, he is there and doing his job. Ray is doing very well , but then I have had a few set-backs with my legs and ending up n the hospital with no circulation in the left one---VERY SCAREY!!!!!!So I take it easy and do just the things I need too. Our big excitement is we have had the large Fl. room that had not very good windows in it cut off from our house and the General Contractor is adding us a room the entire width of our house and it goes out about 17-18 ft. This will make an office behind our room, their will be a beautiful glass door going into it, that will house the desk and computers,etc. Now hold on----the other side of it will be my new sewing room/craft room. I am having nice counters alll around the room with cabinets and drawers under them . There will be several places for me to roll my chair up to counter for my sewing machine, serger and emb. machine. Talk about excitement, I am beside myself with joy.I now will do so much as I will be out of this little hallway that I am calling my sewing room and I just don't like to be in it. This Thursday I am going with a friend to the sewing exp in Lakeland, I can't wait to see all the new things.
Ray's niece is coming in April to buy my quilt machine and bind-all machine so that will give me now alot of options as to what I really want to do as far as finishing my quilts off. I am mulling a few things over in my head. I miss you all and I do think about blogging aften but just don't take the time like I should . God Bless you all. HUgs, Marie

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Year Begins

We are back from our wonderful visit with my son and his precious family. It was so hard to leave them knowing He was deploying and it will be sometime before I see him, God's love will protect you my son!My sweet hubby has gone up to Ohio for a little while on some family matters, now what do you suppose I could get into--- YES I am cleaning out and sorting things in my sewing room. During the holidays I treated myself to the wonderful Go-Cutter. Now I am doing the things with my scraps to get more organized. Last night I thought maybe I should just sit and sew for a while and forget trying to be so fussy about my room sounds like a plan doesn't it? Have a grat day all. Hugs, Marie