Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creating Again

The procedure is over and they couldn't do anything but go in and look around and then say sorry lady!!. So here I go on my on road!! Yesterday I cut out the backing for 8 placemats and the battting. Hopefully today Ican get them together.This will not get me down ,Up is the only way and I want to do these things. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Marie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Wool Project

Here it is the day after the let down and I listened to my heart and got my boot straps up tighter and finished this pin cushion I had started last Saturday.Never before had I done any wool work so I was lost. Thanks Karen for the advice! I love it because I did it and it is called Summer Garden Pin Cushion by Bird Brain Designs. Now all my hand work is not just like the pattern but pretty close and I am tickled that I did it and I love it.Now I guess I can start something else after my procedure on Thursday where they will look for the blockages behind the knee. Thanks for all your good wishes, I will really try to have good thoughts!! HUgs, Marie

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Good News

Sorry but I am really down in the dumps and do not have good news to tell you all about my appt. today with the ortho guy, He is refering me to yet another ortho man down south in our county, but isn't sure with the diabeties and all the other things against me that it is much use to replace the kneee and start over, which was my dream-- I sorta feel like someone defleated my bubble.Oh well I guess I just have to get my boot staps up and get myself going and do what ever the good Lord wants me to and be happy but right now it is just alot of tears-- I'll get over it in a few days but till then I don't realy feel much like doing anything. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts,Good luck in all you do. Hugs, Marie

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Won!!

Blogging brings so much happiness into our lives, wonderful friendships, and great gifts too!!Last week I heard that I had won a gift from Terry at Tery's Treasures and also from Sharon at Red Geranium Cottage.Talk about the happy dance(if only I could dance).Yesterday Ray walked down to the mail box and came back with the mail and I saw a package and of course I was excited--it was from Terry and what a wonderful package--two pieces of fabric, some emb. floss, a neat Christmas pattern and a pair of stork sissors with a neat fob hanging from them,good for me so I won't loose them.Thank you so much Terry your always thinking of others and I think you so much.To bring you up to date, I will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon on Monday. I already know that the rotator cup is torn in my left shoulder from my last fall and he is also going to be looking at my left knee that is so out of whack from the fall too. Indeed that was the worst fall I have had. Don't know which will come first, his doings or the one to see about the blockage--hey wouldn't it be nice to get it all done at once since I have to be laid up for a while.On the sewing front-- I have preped a piece for redwork and today I am going to get a wool pin cushion together. I want lots of hand work since I won't be able to sit and sew at least I hope to prop myself up in bed and do something other than go crazy.That's all from sunny Florida. Have a beautiful week-end and remember your loved very much. Hugs, Marie

Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh My Goodness

Well-- what an opening-- no surgery--- family call the life squad on me Wednesday night and it was a long night at ER and then admitted.I got the real BAD Bug ,didn't know where to put my head as it was just pouring everywhere. I have NEVER had this so severe. I was dehydrated and a mess. They sent me home from hospital about 2 in the afternoon. So disappointed that I could not have the procedure done. Now will have to wait another couple of weeks. I am very weak and still have a bad headache. My sweet grandson Alex got sick about midnight and now I found out my friend Carolyn got sick last night. It hits hard and is not very nice to us. They have closed down alot of the nursinghomes in our area because of this same bug. Hope none of you experience this crud. May you have the blessing of Easter and the love of Jesus in you heart. Hugs, Marie