Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Faith's Birthday Quilt

It is a beautiful day in sunny Florida. I am so happy I have 2 more of my grandchildren here with me. They arrived safely just a little while ago and have had lunch and are on their way to Cocoa Beach. I hope to hold them down a bit and get a couple of pictures before they leave.To bring you up to date I will go in hospital on Thursday so this will be my last post for a few days. I am happy to show you pictures of Faiths ice skating quilt that I made her for her birthday, I make bad pictures and I can see we really need a new camera but try to visualize this pink,purple and blue quilt and her being very happy with it.Happy Easter to all . Hugs and blessings, Marie

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tuesday we went to the Doctor and he will be doing a procedure on my leg somtime in the next two weeks. It is not a full time cure but will help me for a while. He can not use the main vein at this time as with my diabetes he will need it later. He will be going into both legs and removing any blockages he finds, which will be tricky as I have one full knee replacement in the worst leg and a partial in the other. I am excited to get this done and looking for great results. The kids just got home from the Disney cruise this morning and it is Faith's 11th birthday. She and her pen pal Ola (Anne Heidi's son) share this special day. Happy birthday Ola and have the best day!!! Will be putting the binding on her quilt today and post a picture. Yesterday I had a melt down in my sewing room, it is VERY small and nothing fits right in there so I just went off and now I feel better. Ray helped me move some stuff and do some little changes. He is such a saint with me and I am such a brat at times. Well off to fix breakfast then hopefully into the sewing closet(cause it is such a small room that is my pet name for the room) to work on quilt binding. HUgs, Marie

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hello all my wonderful friends in blogland.It is a beautiful Saturday and the sunshine is just wonderful. I have been in a funk for a while ---again you say ---yes-- need to get out of it and stay focused!! I read all your blogs and see all the things you do and boy I am tired out by then, you all have so much energy and do alot. On the bright side I did put Faith's quilt on the machine and I have done about five rows. Maybe today will be the magic day and the juices will flow. Sure hope so.Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs,, Marie

Monday, March 8, 2010


Just got home from my sweet hubby having his colonoscopy and this was his last test before the Dr. would release him cancer free. We have waited for 5 years to hear these special words and we are praising God and so excited toight. Just had to share with all my buddies.Many hugs, Marie

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog Buddy

Today was a fantastic day, My daughter Mary, granddaughter Faith and I went to Universal Studio to The Hard Rock Area where I had the great pleasure of meeting Cindy from The Chicken Coop. We have been blogging the whole time that I have been blogging and she moved to Va. this summer to the same town that my son lives in and one of her sweet daughters goes to to school with my grandson, small world. We got to see Cindy's daughter Sara perform with her High School dance team and they won Nationals. So much excitement and they were great!!! I was so happy to meet them in person and have a short visit with them. Now when I go to Va. to see my son later in Spring I will hook up again with Cindy, can't wait. Mow on the quilting side I am ready to put Faith's ice skating quilt on the machine and do it. My sweet hubby will have his colenoscopy tomorrow so it will have to wait till at least Tuesday.
Till later, Hugs to all, Marie