Monday, February 15, 2010

Picture Piecing

Last wednesday I too a class at my LQS called Picture Piecing by Cynthia England. What a fun class!!You use freezer paper and work on the top of fabric instead of back. If you have a chance to learn this by all means do you will be amazed at how forgiving this type of piecing is if you make a mistake. We did this butterfly sample. Have a great day and I will check in later after my appointment on Tuesday with the vas.dr. who will tell me more about my blockage and if they can do something about it that will help my leg, wish me luck.Hugs to all, Marie


Cuz said...

Oh yes! I recognize that book--it's one I've been wanting to get. Aren't you lucky to get a chance to take her class! Anxious to hear what the dr has to say. I'll be thinking of you.

Molly said...

Your butterfly is so pretty! Is this the same thing as paper-piecing?

Have a great day, Marie!

Jackie said...

Gorgeous! It looks like you could put just about anything in a quilt with this method.