Friday, January 22, 2010

Lemonade Stand Award Day

Today I was awarded a special award from Micki of Irish Muses called the Lemonade Stand award, Thanks so much,to receive this award you have to show great attitude and gratitude--wow,thank you, thank you. There are so many people who blog that show these things to all and I am pleased to know them !Now for my list of Special Nominees---

Cindy from The Chicken Coop
Anne Heidi from Piece by Piece
Peg from Happy In Quilting
Deb from The Angel and The Pukeko
Connie from Cootie Bug 2
Candace from Wraggedy Patches
Karen from Log cabin Quilter
Maria from Sew Love To Sew
Sharon from Red Geranium Cottage
Jackie from Jackie Stitches

Now it is your turn to choose 10 special people and nominate them for this wonderful award!!

Again thanks Micki for this award and please visit my nominees at their blogs.
Have a beautiful week-end everyone. Hugs, Marie

PS I just reviewed this post and the links did not go in please visit them from my side bar as I have to learn how to add this in , thought I had learned it but it didn't go in. Thanks so much!!


Micki said...

Great list Marie, and you are very welcome. The links to the people did not come up. YOu deserve the award!

Barb said...

You do deserve the award!! Conrats

Rhonda said...

Hi Marie....just poppe by to see how you are doing....hope you have a great weekend!

Deb said...

Marie, congratulations on receiveing this award, you so deserve it and thank you so much for passing it on to me,I really appreciate it and feel very humble.
hugs Deb

Cuz said...

Yep, I agree--you've been doing your best to make lemonade out of the lemons life keeps throwing! Keep it up!

I just called Mom and told her I don't feel well enough to drive down for her b'day. She was disappointed. My sis will be there. I told her I'd try to come next month and we'd celebrate all our b'days together.

Happy weekend!

Marie said...

Hey Cuz, sosrry our still not feeling up to anything and I amnot that much better either on the last round of the second antibotic. Hopethis will be the last. Sorry you didn't get to go to see your Mom. Love to you, M

Anne Heidi said...

Oh thank you Marie :-) I've been e-mailing you, but the mails keep coming back to me... Ola got his card from Faith the other day, so sweet! And I just printed out her e-mail.
Hope all is well with all of you today!

Anonymous said...

Marie, Aw, thanks for naming me in your award list. I'll take the award from you and pass it on to some friends. Hugs

Candace said...

The reward is richly deserved, congratulations. You certainly have a wonderful attitude and gratitude, and are an inspiration to so many of us.
Thank you for sharing the reward with me, it was very sweet and appreciated.