Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November

This year has gone by so fast  for me! I have not done very much but that is about to change. Maybe this nice weather is helping some. I actually feel like going in the sewing room, its been a long time coming. My big question of the day is what happens to us and makes us go in to a slump?? I sure don't like it,

My sweet family is wonderful . Mary Lisa and her hubby are doing great. Brian just retired from the Fire Dept.  with 29 years. But he is going back to work for the Maritime Academy, even while he was with the Fire service he taught for them for 15 years, so he will be right at home. Sweet granddaughter Faith has changed her major at college to Elementary Education, and she loves it and that sure makes us all happy. She and her young man, Harley are doing just fine, he is in the Army and right now he is in Va. until Feb. then off to another duty station, not sure where yet. He will be home for Christmas and that thrills her heart. My other daughter Lorie and her sweet man are great, they really travel a lot and also include me in plans when they are home, in fact I will be spending Thanksgiving with them this year, And yes my son Claude is doing wonderful too. He has been very involved in the honoring of John Chapman and he was thrilled to be a part of this as he and John were not only teammates but they were also station in Japan together, Combat Control is a very tight unit. As you all know he is the commander of the Combat Control group at Hurlburt  Field in the Panhandle of Fl. The Hurricane wreck that area sew bad . His base was saved but the other base was destroyed.

I have several UFO's and I am going to start working on them before I try anything else. I had both my eyes done as the cataracts were getting much worse. I will have my final exam the end of this  month and see what kind of correction I will need. It is really strange to be able to drive without glasses, I have worn them since about age 7or 8 and I still reach for them. But I am loving the new sunglasses.

Before I close I want to wish you all the blessings of Above  from my home to yours. Sending much love and big hugs to all.


I really do enjoy reading your blogs and  I will try to do better in responding!!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Happy Middle of August,

Things are rocking along here at home, staying busy with everyday life  and yes back in the  Quilting room again. I  have decided to give the  machine another try and yes it is so fun!!!I go for my pre-op on Thursday for cateracts, oh the joys of getting older!!I have been doing some emb work with  my machine, love doing free standing lace and it is sew pretty. Faith has gone back to college and it is hard to  believe she is in her second year and she took classes on line this summer too, she is sew grown! Will be having another great grandson in September,sew this family is growing more. Hope all is good for all of you , love reading your posts. Many hugs, Marie

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Good Morning

Sew much has been happening around here, some good and some not so good. The best news was I got to go to see my son take command in North Florida of the Combat Control Units, what a glorious day, it was attended
by so  many friends and family.

On the health side I am still using the walker 98% of the time , it has been two months of intense therapy and not to much change so my time at the quilt machine has been zero. I have tried to sit and sew some  and I might make a little progress there, but I will not give up.

I love to read your blogs they give me sew much inspiration , thanks for all the uplifting messages means a lot to me. I am so lucky to have my girls near they are always helpful and my sweet Faith is too. I am going to try to sew today, I have three large projects going, so I took one to a friend to finish up for me , that has relieved me so much. It is a struggle when you have too much sitting there and just don't know where to begin. I refuse to start something else till these are done and they are long overdue.

I will end today with sending lots of big hugs to all and to say I miss you and hope you have a beautiful weekend.


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

I am still alive and kicking but seems the flu bug got me for a while but slowly on the mend! I have been reading all the posts but sorry for not responding, need to do better in that department. Yes I have been in the studio doing some work, slowly but seriously doing it again and it feels so good. To have this beautiful space I must use it. One of our local quilt shops is closing  and I will miss them, they are all like family and will be so missed, wish I was 30 years younger and could buy it  but so out of the  question now. How are you all, what are you working on, I love to  see pictures. I need to finish my three things then I will post pictures. Can't start anything else till they are done-so close but so far! Our weather has been up and down  so far  but brutal like up North but we did have some really cold days to me.  Have a wonderful day and keep on quilting or whatever  you like to do and hope to see you on here soon.  Many hugs, Marie

Saturday, August 12, 2017


I have been thinking about deleting my blog as I don't seem to find the time to  write, but I do take time to read the posts pretty much everyday .BUT and that is a big but I would miss keeping up with you all. You bring a smile to my face and I love seeing what your doing and where you've been, pictures of the families and all the good stuff. I fell on June 1 and it has been a struggle each day but I am doing PT now and  getting better slowly. I had surgery on Tuesday to remove a small malignancy on my face near my eye, it is all gone and I am thrilled, Praise the Lord!! My Son came home for a couple of days and it was beautiful to see all three of my precious ones together even if it was a short time. Faith is starting college this week and Katie is in her second year of college. Alex graduated from college and is working in Washington DC at a hospital, I am so blessed. I am going to take a quilt class starting the 23rd for 6 weeks and I am really excited about it. Hope to hear from you all and sending many blessings to all.
This is Claude, Mary  Lisa and Lorie they are my light.

This is Faith at her graduation with some of my best pals that used to live by  me long ago before Ray and I were married. They are Pat and Pai Cuyno and their two kids are like my own and are best friends with Lorie and Claude since they moved across the street from me. Love the precious memories.

Faith and I at her last football game and she has cheered since she was in second grade love this girl so much!

Well I better get off here before I start rambling away take care all! 

Hugs, Marie

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Hello Again,

Seems like my good intentions of writing more often didn't pan out. Things are running smoothly in my household and I really do like that. I actually have been working on Katie's quilt and also finally learning my embroidery machine (bout time on that thing). I was able to get away to Ohio in March for one of my granddaughters wedding and  it was so good to see so many of my Ohio family at that time. I also just returned from Grand Chapter for Eastern Star that was held in St. Augustine. I was honored to receive the chairmanship of the Cancer Fund for our State, This means so much to me as I feel so strongly after so many of  my family have passed away from this dreaded  disease. Now we are almost to the big graduation day for Faith and  she will be off to college. Wow where has the years gone, Ray and I have watched her from the beginning and he would be so proud of his BABY GIRL, that is all he ever called her, never used her name. I hope all of you are doing well and staying busy with your projects. Till next time and I hope it won't be so long.. Hugs, Marie

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

I wish for all my sweet friends and family many blessings for this year. I sure hope to get more work completed in the Sewing Studio. I completed a really neat fall quilt and have tried to post pictures  but can't get them to download, will have to wait till my sweet son-in-law is here. Things have been moving right along here at my home, had the new fence installed , sprinklers put in, popcorn ceiling taken down and ceilings are beautifully completed. Our weather has been very warm, I am not complaining since I saw the weather up North. Hope every one had the best Christmas and all will be good for them. On a nice note, I have been seeing an old friend of ours for a few months and we have really enjoyed each others company. My daughter has invited us to go on a Valentine Cruise with them and we are going to do just that! I am excited, I know in my heart that Ray would not want me to sit home and be sad, it is something we had talked about a lot and my kids are happy for me so we will see how this part of my life pans out. And the greatest thing is he has learned to sew and has already made his first quilt .Until  next time many hugs to all. Marie